Sunday, 14 October 2018


Now that Finley is older and likes exploring I thought we would create a list of some things we would like to do this Autumn.

1. Go conker picking
2. Carve a pumpkin
3. Use the insides of a pumpkin for sensory play
4. Do a leaf painting
5. Make chocolate apples
6. Do Halloween crafts
7. Go on a nature walk
8. Try and find somewhere near by to pick our own pumpkins
9. Take Autumn pictures
10. Go puddle jumping 

What is on your Autumn bucket list?

Until next time, Love Rebecca x 

Sunday, 23 September 2018


Growing up we would always go to Flamingo Land for a week which is now something I want to keep as a tradition with my little family as I always remember many memories from my childhood there. This was Finley's first time there as we skipped last year, he thoroughly enjoyed it and I am already looking forward to next year. I thought I would share some photos from our time away as there is just to many to post on Instagram!

Do you have any places where you go each year?

Until next time, love Rebecca x

Sunday, 9 September 2018


Finley loves books however he is too young to sit and listen to a story,these are the current books that keep him entertained.

That's Not My.... Series

These are great as Finley loves textures and each page has a different texture on which he always finds straight away, he also loves animals therefore all the ones we have are animal related however they also do different ones for example pirate and princess.

Igloo Music Books

These books all play short versions of different children's songs, Finley likes to dance every time he presses the button to play the song. Ours are mostly all from Lidl however they can normal always be found in Home Bargins, we also picked up some Christmas ones from Matalan recently however he isn't getting them ones till December!

Lift The Flap Books 

Finley has only recently started to get into these ones yet again ours are animal related as he loves animals. Dear Zoo is a true favourite of his and he can spend ages going over each page.

What are your toddlers favourite books? 

Thanks for reading and see you on my next post.

Love Rebecca x

Monday, 27 August 2018


The last routine I shared was when Finley was 9 months old so it obviously has changed since then therefore I thought I would share what his routine is currently like at 15 months old.  Some days can be different like when he is at Nursery but for the most part this is how his day general goes.

6.00am - Finley wakes up and has some whole milk in a sippy cup

7.00am - Breakfast usually a weetabix and fruit

8.00am - 1hr nap (This nap should be dropping soon I think)

10.30am - snack 

12.00pm - Lunch

2.00pm - 2hr nap

5.30pm - Tea

6.00pm - Bath time

6.30pm - whole milk in a sippy cup

7.00pm - Finley goes to bed

What is your toddles daily routine?

Thanks for reading and see you on my next post.

Love Rebecca x